Your next career move will be exciting. Let us guide you.

We are passionate about providing a caring, high quality and supportive service.

At Great People Recruitment we are values driven and appreciate the importance of treating people with respect.  

Whether you don’t know where to start, have outgrown your current role, are looking for a change, have been made redundant or your situation calls for something unique, we are here to listen and with our unique skill set, alongside years of recruitment experience, we can help you.

2020 demonstrated that we need to embrace change and we love helping others to identify their current situation, discuss their plans, help people reach their goals and make their vision a reality.  If we can't help you, we will point you in the right direction.

Our Candidate Recruitment Services


We want to get an idea of what you are really looking for, what your previous experience has been and we like to do this by meeting up for a detailed interview. We take time to find out what you’ve loved in your work so far, what your passion is, what you don’t want to keep doing and the nitty gritty about what makes you, you!  What’s your great?  Where’s your great going? Through listening we find the great in people.


Together we will plan your next steps.  What is going to make you feel excited and want to go to work each day and shine?  Do you need to upgrade your CV,  do you want to discuss what you want to achieve in your next position? Let us help you plan the steps to make it happen. Our CV and cover letter upgrade service is provided with the first hour free of charge and then at an agreed rate thereafter.


Whether it is an interview with us or with one of our clients, we will support you. We can assist you with your research, offer advice, help you upskill, or finetune your interviewing or communication skills. We can support you with how you prepare for questions, what you need to consider, and identify why the role would be ideal and why are you passionate about it.


We feel strongly about the importance of constructive feedback after your interview, therefore we ask you to provide feedback on how the interview process was for you, whether you are hired or not. We use this feedback to continuously improve the recruitment process for ourselves and our clients.


We will assist you with receiving your paperwork from the client and ensuring you are confident with the documentation sent to you.  

We are only a phone call or email away if you have any queries.


With Great People Recruitment, once you have started in your new role, we don’t say goodbye.

We work with our candidates and clients where we can, to ensure you are provided with a comprehensive onboarding process. 

Keeping in touch

We pride ourselves on our candidate care and aim to keep in touch whether we have placed you in a role or not. Sometimes the result of an interview won’t be the result you were hoping for and we are here to help you keep progressing.


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