Looking for great talent to join your team?

We offer a clear, transparent and honest recruitment process.

Responding to your business needs

Being a Recruitment Specialist means our role is not just about matching skills with experience. It is about providing a specialist service and having a clear, transparent and honest approach alongside a thorough recruitment process you will value with trusted service delivery. 

When we meet, we will have a good chat about your organisation and team. We want to truly understand what your organisation and team’s needs are, what your vision is, what success means now and in the future.

We will be very interested to know what employing a great person means for you. We are living in an ever-changing world and recruiting someone new to join your team needs to be completed well.

Positive and forward-thinking results

We understand it can be time consuming to recruit a great person to join your team so having a recruitment specialist who listens, offers guidance, time and support is essential. You want an organised, efficient and effective process and plan with regular touch points to feel confident with your choice. 

Great People Recruitment will happily assist you by managing the entire recruitment process for you or we can help you with the areas you need support with. We are pleased to offer a flat hourly rate or fixed fee placement options to suit your needs.  Give us a call and we can tailor a service to meet your requirements.

Our Client Recruitment Services



We take the time to fully explore the details of what your vacancy will look like moving forward so we can find you that great individual who will smoothly transition into your organisation’s vision for success.


Together we will plan what the ideal person is to ensure a great team fit and agree timeframes and expectations. The process will be streamlined and organised with agreed and regular touchpoints.


After meeting with you, we can present an advertisement tailored to attract great candidates and positively reflect your business.


We respond to everyone who applies and compile a list of applicants who we will then proceed to an initial phone interview to assist with screening. 

Interviews & Feedback

Using our competency based interviewing skills without being scripted, we get to know our candidates well.  Anyone we present to you in a shortlist will have been fully interviewed and comes with our recommendations on why we think they are great for your team. We seek detailed feedback from both the client and candidate after their interviews.

Reference Checking

We suggest we complete at least one comprehensive verbal reference check before you meet your chosen candidates and a second verbal reference be completed before placement.  These are thorough references obtained by Linley, this provides the added benefit of being able to customise the questions if required.

Additional Testing & Due Diligence

Any testing required can be tailored to each client’s needs and due diligence is taken seriously, you can rely on us. Let us know what you need. 

After Placement Service

We want to be sure the placement is going well and both parties are feeling confident.  Having progressed through our detailed process, we want to keep in touch regularly.


You can expect to hear from us, we want to gain feedback from you. That way we know we are providing the best service we can, for Great People Recruitment it is about growing, being self-aware and collaborating to constantly improve.


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