What our clients say

Commitment to Excellence

"Linley, it's your commitment to excellence in everything you do.  You keep yourself upskilled and up to date, you have high standards of customer service, your response times are excellent, you communicate thoroughly, you have a passion for what you do, you use initiative and make suggestions, and you are clear about your availability and capacity.  You are a dream to work with."

Andrea, Rocketspark 2022

Expertise and Systems-based Approach

"In an ever-evolving labour market where accessing a pool of quality candidates has become challenging, Great People Recruitment has proven their value to the utmost. Linley’s expertise and systems-based approach ensured the best possible candidates progressed for evaluation, vastly minimising time input from us. Communication was seamless from day one with live updates available on potential candidates as they were screened. We certainly would not hesitate to engage Great People Recruitment in the future to meet our needs in the recruitment space and we look forward to doing so."

Dan, Deosan 2022

Understanding our Business

"Linley and Great People Recruitment took the time to come out and understand our business and culture to ensure when talking to potential candidates they would fit within our team."

Kimm, Fieldline 2022

Cambridge Town Hall Community Trust

Level of Service and Attention to Detail

"I have thoroughly enjoyed the recruitment process with Linley & Mike. The level of service and attention to detail was outstanding and the feedback from candidates has been great too. Couldn't be happier with the outcome of our recruitment process."

Kirsty, Cambridge Town Hall Community Trust 2022

Non-Commission based Approach

"Linley's authentic and caring approach, she was genuinely trying to find the right person for the role for both parties. Linley is amazing and the non-commission-based approach is refreshing in an industry where the fee seems to be the primary goal in many cases."

Grant, Co-Pilot Accounting 2021


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